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Shine Holistic Health Services

Shine Meditation’s founder Jacqui is also an experienced massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. She specialises in womens holistic health and wellbeing.

Jacqui’s qualifications:

  • Diploma Remedial massage
  • Certificate IV massage therapy
  • Reiki level 2 (practitioner level)
  • Diploma guiding and teaching meditation
  • Advanced Certificate in guiding and teaching meditation
  • Registered health fund provider

Memberships and affiliated associations include:

  • Massage and Myotherapy Australia (formally AAMT)
  • MA (Meditation Association of Australia)
  • IICT (International Institute of Complementary Services)

    Jacqui currently consults out Natural Pathways Treatment rooms mitcham:

  • Natural Pathways – Mitcham

Massage and Reiki treatments are held at the beautiful and peaceful Natural Pathways Healing Centre 65-67 Percy St Mitcham

Natural Pathways is a wellness centre is an old weatherboard property in Mitcham, a relaxing oasis of tranquility, renovated to cater for group activities and individual consultations. The beautiful house is surrounded by a stunning healing garden and walking pathways. For more information on Natural Pathways and the range of treatments available visit the website: 

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If you would like to book in for one of Shine’s holistic health services please click the “Book Now” link.

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Massage Therapy

Remedial massage uses advanced musculoskeletal techniques to treat dysfunction and address reoccurring or ongoing issues or symptoms being experienced. Remedial massage is not only beneficial physically but can also help to increase blood and lymphatic flow and assist your body in restoring the natural healing processes. Receiving regular treatments will allow you to feel more balanced, experience less pain and increase your body awareness, so that you are able to listen to your body’s signals and act accordingly before a problem becomes chronic. Health fund rebates available for private health insured patients.

Relaxation massage not only feels amazing, it is also doing your body and mind so much good! Receiving the benefits of therapeutic touch works on so many levels to increase wellbeing and restore harmony in your body and a boost to the immune system. Mentally you are able to let go and just be in the moment and treat it as a mindful treatment where you absolutely can just relax and enjoy each moment and each sensation, trusting that you are in experienced, safe and qualified hands that are working to care only for you! How incredible does that sound?!

Mindful approach to massage Jacqui’s mindful approach to each client and massage treatment means you are truly listened to, respected and honoured every step of the way through your treatment. This is your time and Jacqui will use her training and experience as a meditation teacher to ensure your attention and focus remains in the room and in the moment, so you are receiving not just a massage, but the benefits of a meditation as well!

If you’ve had massages before and have found it takes you half an hour to be able to mentally or physically relax into the treatment, you are not alone! Jacqui will be able to offer you a short grounding mindfulness meditation practice to assist you in letting go of all the thoughts that keep your mind busy and prevent you from being able to relax and enable you to ease into the treatment making the most of your time.

You’ve never had a massage experience quite like this! Jacqui’s focus is truly holistic. You are not just a body, you have a mind, a heart and a soul as well. All clients will be treated as a whole being and honoured each time you step into Jacqui’s treatment room. So prepare yourself and make time for the treatment experience that you will want to keep coming back to over and over again!

Massage treatments are 60 mins or 90 mins in duration and will focus on treating musculoskeletal dysfunction as well as aiming to physically and mentally relax you.

Investment for treatments are:
60 mins – $95
90 mins – $120

Jacqui can use a variety of treatment styles to suit your individual needs including:

  • Remedial massage
  • Swedish relaxation
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Myofacial release

Please arrive 10 mins early to discuss your specific needs and to settle in to the space. Click the button below to book your appointment now!

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Gift Vouchers are available for purchase if you’d love to give someone the gift of relaxation and peace. Vouchers will be valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Click the link below to order

60 mins – $95
90 mins – $120

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Reiki is a hands on modality to restore balance within. It can be used for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Reiki is non-invasive, gentle way of supporting and promoting health and wellbeing.

It is a complementary health modality and can be used as a stand alone practice or in conjunction with other medical health practices.

Reiki can assist in clearing energetic blockages, physical and emotional healing. You may experience a release or some physical or emotional symptoms of this blockage clearing after your treatment.

Jacqui can use a variety of techniques and tools to suit your individual needs including:

  • Grounding meditation
  • Relaxing music
  • Use of Tibetan singing bowls
  • Distant healing

Please arrive 10 mins early to discuss your specific needs and to settle in to the space. Click the button below to book your appointment now!

Investment 60 mins – $75
90 mins – $100

60 Min Reiki

90 Min Reiki

Distant Healing

With your consent I can send a Reiki healing to you to be received at a time that is according to your highest good and will. All I need from you is your full name and a photo of yourself and of course payment, and your healing can commence. I will follow up with you in the days following the healing to see how you feel and if you’ve noticed any changes or shifts occurring.

Distant healing is ideal for individuals who are not able to be present to receive a physical hands on Reiki treatment. For example, young children, babies, elderly, people with a disability, people in hospital, pets/animals. For those unable to consent to treatment ie. babies and animals, the consent of a parent or guardian is sufficient.

Investment: $50

Contact Jacqui for more information by emailing:



The real benefits of these treatments and practices can be more profoundly experienced after a few regular appointments.

Regular meditation will give you the opportunity to follow up with Jacqui each week to learn different techniques and discuss obstacle or challenges you’re experiencing. You’ll be more likely to remain motivated to continue your practice at home with the support of Jacqui’s personalised meditations and coaching.

Regular massage will allow your muscles, your immune function and your ability to mentally relax all improve. It will aid in sleep, focus and mental clarity, as well as muscle recovery from exercise, dysfunction or injury.

Regular Reiki will allow you to relax, become more in tune with your needs and emotions and give yourself space to develop self-compassion as well as creative solutions.

Packages are a way of committing to your own self-care and setting time aside to ensure that these needs that we all have, are met. You can exchange a massage treatment for a Reiki session and visa versa, however meditation sessions cannot be exchanged with the other treatment packages.

4x 45 min Meditation one 2 one sessions for $200

5x 60 min Relaxation massages for $400

5x 60 min Reiki sessions for $400

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Party packages

Have you got a baby shower, hens night, girls night in or women’s gathering  planned and looking for that added touch of connection & relaxation for your event? You can hire me by the hour to come and provide relaxing neck and shoulder and hand massages for your guests to give them a nurturing experience that they will always remember and be grateful to you for! (Another therapist will be able to assist for larger parties)

Please contact Jacqui to discuss your options and to find out more email:

*Cost and availability will depend on location and size of the gathering.

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