embrace your inner light



Welcome to Shine Meditation, my name is Jacqui Mulholland and I am a qualified Meditation Teacher, Massage Therapist & Reiki Channel. When you work with me,  I will be using a range of relaxation and meditation techniques to gently support you on a journey into the stillness in your mind, beyond your thoughts and together practice locating and embracing that profound peacefulness within. You will discover you own ability to self heal and use meditation as a self help tool in your daily life. Take the journey with me…

Massage & Reiki

Shine Meditation also offers experienced massage therapy and Reiki sessions specialising in womens holistic health and wellbeing.



Jacqui has such a soothing voice and has taught me how to let go of my thoughts and focus on one thing. I would highly recommend shine meditation.


Jacqui has the most calm and positive approach as a teacher. These sessions exceeded my expectations. I’m looking forward to doing more and learning more techniques. Thank you.